Thursday, March 4, 2010


He is in a pickle. March 4, 2010 Posted by Mookie
I think every heterosexual male has faced a tough choice like Nikolai's today, at least to some degree... and every boob-loving man will tell you that it really is a tough call to make.

Otherwise it was a pretty slow week for comic books yesterday, at least for me. There were a couple that stood out, for good and bad, and here's what I had to think about these choice picks.

JLA: Cry For Justice came to an end and, after reading the series as a whole, was very disappointing. I felt like it started going in one direction at the beginning, took several wide turns, changed focus entirely, and ended with a conclusion so out of left field that it felt like it was just a setup for another storyline. All in all, I'm sorry I spent my money on this series and do not recommend it to anyone.

Deadpool has been seeing a lot of exposure lately, arguably too much, but I've been consistently enjoying the Deadpool Team-Up series, mainly because he only seems to team up with the most obscure Z-list characters of the Marvel Universe. I didn't even know there was a character called IT! The Living Colossus until yesterday, but Deadpool's team-up with IT! The Living Colossus was enjoyable, quick and funny. This is admittedly a great series and I recommend it for a light, fun read.

Girl Comics No. 1 was a decent read. I just wish it had a title other than "Girl Comics."

JSA: All-Stars is the best team book I'm reading nowadays. Now that Magog is gone (thank GOD) the team actually seems to be getting along, which makes for a less infuriating read.

Savage She-Hulks was decent, if only because I'm relieved the original She-Hulk wasn't really choked to death like a chump in a six page backup story a few months ago. I think writing all those orcs has given me a new affinity for strong, green women, too.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out.