Friday, March 19, 2010


Name calling. March 19, 2010 Posted by Mookie
Nimmel has referred to himself as "The Phoenix" before. This is just the first time he's received an official review of it.

I know things are different nowadays with screen names, gamer tags and other such things, but when I was growing up we did not get to choose our own nicknames. You got them and they stuck whether you liked it or not. For my part, I did not decide one day that everyone would start calling me "Mookie." It was slapped on me in high school by my best friend for no other reason than there were too many "Mikes" around. It's stuck with me ever since.

Don't forget that I'll be speaking at VERICON on Saturday! I won't, however, be selling any merchandise there. I'm only scheduled to speak on the webcomics panel and do a signing immediately afterward. Still, feel free to say "hello" if you see me looking terribly out-of-place (a.k.a. dumb) in Harvard's hallowed halls.

For those of you interested in my other creative endeavors, I've posted some more examples of my amateur photography. These photographs are not work safe so mind where you view them. There is also a lot of fake blood. Surprise, surprise.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and have a nice weekend!