Thursday, July 1, 2010


It wasn't rain after all. July 1, 2010 Posted by Mookie
I admit this is a ridiculous strip. As I was drawing it I kept saying to myself, "This is so freaking silly." But that's the beauty of the Wild Edge for me. It's a land so infused with chaos that literally any idea is possible, no matter how ridiculous or silly.

I guess that wasn't rain after all, though.

Originally Bort's big, bulbous eye was never meant to be expressive at all, but when you've got a character that never talks the eyes become very important. So necessity drove me to change his eye today. The joke never would've worked if it'd remained fixed and emotionless.

I picked up a few comic books yesterday. Here's my quick thoughts on them.

- I am absolutely done with Justice Society of America. I haven't really enjoyed either team of the JSA since the new writing team took over so I'm just going to save my money from now on.

- When did the Red Lantern Corps in Green Lantern get so bloody interesting? No pun intended. Dex-Starr's origin totally tugged on my heartstrings.

- I'm curious to see where Action Comics is going now that it's spotlighting Lex Luthor. This month was a good start.

- Every single issue of Atomic Robo cracks me up. This month's offering is no different. I love Undead Edison.

- I think I'm the only one on the internet who doesn't think that Wonder Woman's new outfit is all that bad.

- Deadpool's shriveled, puny soul is adorable.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.