Thursday, August 19, 2010


Cloudkill! August 19, 2010 Posted by Mookie
If you know what the title of today's news post is in reference to you're as big and hopeless a nerd as I am. It's wonderful to be so irrevocably geeky, isn't it?

I picked up a couple of decent comic books yesterday. Here are my choice picks for the other thing I'm irrevocably geeky about. Superheroes.

Brian Clevinger, who is mostly known for writing the superbly entertaining Atomic Robo gives us his take on the classic Marvel cosmic saga in Avengers: The Infinity Gauntlet. What Brian does best, in my opinion, is give superheroes a light-hearted and charming flare that makes you want to jump into their world and be a superhero yourself without diminishing the scale and seriousness of the threat or conflict presented. Such is done masterfully here and if the rest of this four part series is as entertaining as the first issue, I will be highly recommending this title.

Another issue of Deadpool (written by Daniel Way, who I am totally gay for) hit the shelves. This issue's tone was much darker and more serious than any previous Deadpool comic written by Way, but it was no less compelling to read. If you aren't reading this yet, you're really missing out.

Brightest Day continues to fascinate me. The individual stories are still too separated to make any coherent sense right now, but even apart they're interesting reads and it keeps me coming back, wanting to know what happens next.

My only complaint with this month's installment of Thunderbolts was that it crossed over with another comic that I do not read, thus making the story's flow a little choppy and difficult to follow. Oh well.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out!