Thursday, August 26, 2010


Webcomic cons and rocking out in different ways. August 26, 2010 Posted by Mookie
I do believe tickets for the New England Webcomics Weekend go on sale today. I'll be there myself, though not as a guest. Even so, I support NEWW and what it represents so I'll be attending nevertheless. That's why I'm so glad other conventions dedicated to webcomics, like Intervention are also beginning to pop up. I'll be at that one, too, so try to make it to both shows if you can!

I cannot stop listening to the two new albums I picked up yesterday. "At the Edge of Time" by Blind Guardian and "Warp Riders" by The Sword are amazing for different reasons, but both reasons are freaking metal.

I owe a lot to Blind Guardian. They're not the first metal band I ever listened to, but discovering them introduced me to power metal and all the sweeping orchestral sounds and themes it encompasses. "At the Edge of Time" is one of their biggest sounding albums, with the trademark choir bellowing out their choruses about all things a D&D nerd like me loves.

"Warp Riders," on the other hand, is equally fantastic in scope but stripped down in sound. This band rips out guitar riffs and blasts them into the cosmos on this album. There may not be sweeping orchestras and choirs here, but when three guitarists and a drummer really want to rock there's no need for anyone else. That, and "Lawless Lands" is definitely Stunt's theme song for this story.

If you can pick up these two albums, I highly recommend them.