Thursday, October 21, 2010


He's got soul, and he's super bad. October 21, 2010 Posted by Mookie
Of all the good comic books I picked up yesterday I feel like it's only appropriate to talk about one of them, as its very name coincides with a major element of this current story.

Ragman: Suit of Souls features one of the most underrated and, in my opinion, underused characters in DC Comics. It gives a brief history of the character and his inherited powers for those unfamiliar with him, which ties in nicely with a moral dilemma of his which is the center of this book, and concludes with a bittersweet but satisfying ending. There's more character study than action and adventure in this one-shot issue, but I like the character and concept of Ragman so I'm biased to like stuff about him.

New t-shirts should be up for pre-order soon. More news as I get it from Shark Robot.

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