Friday, November 12, 2010


Round 2! FIGHT! November 12, 2010 Posted by Mookie
Oh yeah. Round two of this hellish brawl begins next week, and Karnak is armed with chains. The Dungeons & Dragons nerd in me will be enjoying making Karnak fight like a kyton. They were always my favorite of the D&D demons.

I should have a new Karnak themed Donation Wallpaper up by next week as well. Keep an eye out for it!

Okay. I don't know how else to draw attention to this without seeming somewhat tacky, so I'm going to go for it anyway...

Nominations are up for the 2010 Webcomics List Awards and I think it'd be neat to get nominated in a category or two. Granted, only other webcomickers and print comics folks can nominate (and not for their own comics), and I submitted my nominations yesterday, but I don't know any subtle ways to spread the word about this. So here I am in the news box telling any fellow webcomickers reading that I think it'd be neat to be nominated in a category or two. Hint. Hint.

That's enough blatant self-promotion from me for now.
Rock on and have a nice weekend!