Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Comic books, illusions and vikings. November 30, 2011 Posted by Mookie
UPDATE: I've been getting a lot of emails about this, so I thought I'd set the record straight. There is no mistake in today's comic. "Deegan" is Miranda's maiden name and Donovan took it when they got married. This will be further explained in tomorrow's comic.

There's not a whole lot to speak of today down here in the news box, so I'll keep things short and sweet:

- Strado Deegan and illusionists in general are fun. You'll never see one skulking around in a black cloak being sullen.

- New comic books hit the shelves today. Let's see which titles hold my interest (i.e. Superman, Aquaman, Animal Man, Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle) and which ones will fall to the wayside (i.e. Justice League: International, Justice League: Dark, The Savage Hawkman).

- I've been playing a lot of SKYRIM lately and it makes me want to play all my viking-themed metal, as loud as possible, all at once. And here's an awesome metal cover of the Skyrim theme.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out.