Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The final pilgrimage? January 3, 2012 Posted by Mookie
Gregory and Rachel are either doing that thing where you hold hands with your friend and jump up and down excitedly while squealing, or they're engaged in a friendly test-of-strength. Knowing Rachel, it's probably some combination of both.

I do not expect anyone to remember the last time the Desert of Eldariat was mentioned. In fact, it's only ever been mentioned once, by Hansi Reinholdt, at the beginning of the March Across Maltak. But now that Jayden is off on a dire-sounding pilgrimage to that very place, so it looks like we'll find out more about it.

For all its obscurity, the Desert of Eldariat was an important thing for Hansi to mention. Dominic and Luna had just come off their cruise, where they had apparently seen all the major countries in the world. But for all the "world building" that story had to offer, I still wanted to make sure that there were still places yet to be explored. Eldariat was a way to say, "you've seen a lot, but you haven't seen everything."

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