Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A disturbing heart-to-heart... May 30, 2012 Posted by Mookie
We are all in the unenviable position of watching two people talk about something they're very informed about, while the rest of us are more-or-less in the dark. What is the Heart of Magic? Is it a metaphorical prophecy or a magical relic like the Lost Treasure of Luana? How has the king been siphoning power from it? So many questions, so little time!

It looks like SuperGreg vs. Snowsong will be arriving today (I hope). If all goes well, I should have them available for A-KON this weekend and up for sale next week. If you pre-ordered a copy from me at Anime Boston or Anime St. Louis I'll have your copies in the mail before I leave for Texas.

My flight is tomorrow, but the comic will update on Friday normally (I hope). There will be filler of some kind on Monday, as I'm getting home very late on Sunday night.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.