Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The search for Nimmel and magic items. July 10, 2012 Posted by Mookie
Are those spaceships? Or are they exotic airships made to ride the endless currents of the Plane of Air? Or are they living creatures? Or am I asking too many questions I already know the answer to in an effort to create drama down here in the news box?

And it looks like Miranda wasn't the only archmage to name magic items after herself.

I'm going to be at ConnectiCon this weekend. I know I spoke about it at length yesterday but I'll probably devote a paragraph to it for the rest of the week. I'm just excited. Yay!

Surprise surprise, I've fallen behind in answering my emails again. I'm really bad at this. But I will continue to stick to my 2012 resolution, even if I'm really bad at it! I'm hoping to get caught up before I head to ConnectiCon this weekend.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.