Monday, September 17, 2012


Surrender. Intervention. Reset. September 17, 2012 Posted by Mookie
My wife and I do the forehead bump all the time. I imagine that sometimes she'd like to turn it into a full headbutt on me, but so far she's shown restraint. But if I ever report a head injury, you'll know what happened.

The fates of Jayden, Jacob, Milov and Snowsong have been left purposefully vague. They weren't snuffed out and swept aside to move the story forward. We'll see what happened to them soon... the survivors, anyway.

I'm heading back to INTERVENTION this weekend! As I said last week, and as I've said the last two times I've attended, this is a great show. Many conventions showcase webcomics and other online entrepreneurs in addition to what they normally cater to, whether it's an anime, sci-fi or comic book convention. Intervention is all about the webcomickers, bloggers, filmmakers, artists, and other online dreamers. You can check out the programming schedule to see where and when I'll be talking on panels and workshops. Be sure to stop by and say "hi" if you're in the area!

And finally, I have to admit defeat. For about eight months I was good on my promise to answer all my emails, but the summer conventions and my recent move got the better of me. So I'm "hitting the reset button" on my policy for answering emails. I've read everything you fine folks have sent me, whether it was praising the comic or upset with various elements about it, recommendations for autumn beers or new music; so if you'd like to me to answer any of those sent emails, just send it to me again and I'll be happy to catch back up. Or if you have any new questions or comments, feel free to send them my way! I'm determined to keep my promise, even if I hit a stumbling block this past month.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.