Friday, November 30, 2012


November 30, 2012 Posted by Mookie
In case you forgot, Dominic and Katya "linked up" to find Nimmel when he was lost in the Tempest. Whether Nimmel's attempt is going to work out better or worse than Dominic's remains to be seen.

But the odds are in his favor, being assisted by:
- Katya's form-amplified second sight.
- Two eld spellcasters.
- Ara's cloak.
- Dominic's very gifted students.
- His seasonal magic in the middle of a massive elemental storm.

In other out-of-this-world news, did you hear that water ice was found on Mercury? Between this and all the awesomeness of the Curiosity rover on Mars, there's plenty of astronomical stuff to be excited about. Mercury is also one of the two planets I have yet to spot with my telescope (Neptune being the other), so now I'm even more inspired to try my luck at finding the little guy.

And finally, things are really shaping up with my new webcomic project alongside Garth Graham. I can't wait to show you fine folks this stuff. I'm seriously nerding out.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on, and have a nice weekend!