Friday, December 21, 2012


A sign of things to come. December 21, 2012 Posted by Mookie
It's him.

The Infernomancer closed out 2011 in a similar fashion. He was certainly an omen of bad things to come for 2012. Will he jinx 2013 as well?

He's also emerged from a bunch of tentacles before. His appearance was a bad omen then, too.

And that's it for 2012! I'm taking the next week and a day off to spend time with my family and celebrate the holidays. The comic will resume normally updating on Tuesday, January 1, 2013. But something may be happening here during my annual holiday break, so check back and see for yourself.

Thanks to all of you for an incredible year. You're all so wonderful, and I cannot express my love and gratitude enough. In 2013, I hope to give you all the best grand finale I can manage.

That's all from me for this year.
Rock on, have a great holiday, and see you in 2013!