Wednesday, January 2, 2013


On 2013 resolutions... January 2, 2013 Posted by Mookie
For those of you interested in my everyday life, here are some of the resolutions I've made for 2013:

- Get myself in shape. I'm getting older and I need to properly maintain what I've got.
- Take more photographs. My deviantArt gallery has been somewhat neglected and I mean to fix that.
- Find a spot to do more stargazing. I was a hungry "astronomer" in 2011 but slacked off quite a bit in 2012. I need to put my eyes back on the stars.
- Keep up answering emails, but get better at replying to messages on Facebook and Twitter.

And finally, here's a little "art project" I'm doing. I shaved my head and all my facial hair when 2013 hit. Now I'm going to let it all grow back, taking a photo of myself once-a-day for the whole year. The only things I'll be shaving are my neck (cuz nobody likes a neck-beard) and my moustache (cuz my wife hates kissing a moustache). Some may say I'll be growing an amish beard. Me? I'll be calling it my Uncle Iroh beard.
(If you don't know who Uncle Iroh is, go watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. You'll thank me.)
(If you don't like Uncle Iroh, then I don't know what to say to you.)
(If you didn't cry like a baby when Uncle Iroh sang "Leaves From The Vine," then you may not have a soul.)

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out.