Thursday, April 25, 2013


Knowledge dispels fear. April 25, 2013 Posted by Mookie
Looks like Celesto had a change of heart after all. Good thing, too, because Dominic is still in pretty bad shape... if the blood loss in the last panel is any indication.

Dominic's reflection on The Beast in the second half of today's comic is true about most things we're frightened of. The unknown is the scariest element of all. Knowledge dispels fear as it creates understanding, and even the mightiest of monsters can be reduced to a stain on the ground.

A recent (and metal) example of this is Nergal, the lead singer of Behemoth, and his battle against leukemia. He says that when he didn't know what was ailing him, he was afraid. But once his illness was diagnosed, "the enemy was defined." He stopped panicking, relaxed, and once his enemy was seen in the light he focused on how best to fight it; turning his illness into "a chess game he was determined to win."

Over time, knowledge of The Beast has diminished it. From a disembodied, eldritch god-fiend from an unknowable place... to the discarded eyes of a mad king, given parasitic life in a planar garbage dump.

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Rock on.