The Comeback Kitty

Around this time last week we thought our time with our beloved cat, Scamp, was coming to an end. We were prepared to have him euthanized and were ready to say goodbye. I am happy to say that neither of those things turned out to be necessary.

Scamp’s recovery has continued on its upward slope since my last blog. He has not only been eating more regularly but he’s been acting more and more like his old self. There’s recognition behind his eyes and eagerness in his step. He’s gone back to constantly begging for treats and snuggling into our laps for attention. I honestly did not think I would ever see Scamp like this again, but my heart is warmed that our cat is back.

He did, however, lose a lot of weight during his inability to eat for five straight days. Scamp was starting to feel like an older cat before he got sick, but now as he attempts to regain his lost weight he feels like an Old cat. He doesn’t have as much energy as he used to and there’s still some general fatigue. Whether that’s because of his slow recovery from nearly starving, or that he’s really just old now, or a combination of both remains to be seen. Regardless of his energy levels, it’s still clearly Scamp and he doesn’t appear to be suffering from his symptoms any more.

He was a snuggler before, but that’s been turned up to eleven on this road to recovery. And now that we’ve experienced the pain and loss in our hearts that comes with only almost losing a pet, we don’t have the heart to move him when he snuggles in no matter how inconvenient it may be. Once you realize how precious your time is with someone you love, whether or not they’re a cat, it’s important to savor every moment of affection they give you.