The second omnibus FAQ!

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire, THE COMPLETE SERIES, Volume 2 is now available for pre-order!

Here are some questions you may have, as well as some hopefully enlightening answers:

What are the benefits of pre-ordering, and what is this “bonus material?”
– There are a few pre-ordering benefits this time around: 
– First, the price of the book will be $50 instead of the $60 it will become in 2015.
– If you wish to order Volume 1 and 2 together, you’ll receive both at the discounted $50 price (and save on shipping since two books fit in one priority mail box)!
– Every pre-order will contain a random “Possibility Print,” which reveals a possible owner of that mysterious voice at the end of the comic! This is not an official decision from me, just a possibility. There will be 5 Possibility Prints,and which one you receive is random. Unless…
– If you order both Volume 1 and 2 together, you will receive all 5 Possibility Prints! If you wish to order Volume 2 and receive all 5 Possibility Prints, it will cost an extra $10.

How long do I have to pre-order, and will these incentives be available after the pre-order window closes?
– I will be taking pre-orders until December 31. After that the price will rise to $60, and the Possibility Prints will no longer be available.

Is this second volume the same size as the first one?
– This first omnibus was magazine sized (approximately 8.375″ x 10.875″) and printed on high quality paper. This second omnibus will have the same dimensions and paper quality.

In previous books and the first omnibus, the color comics were printed in black-and-white. Will they be printed in color here?
– No. Once again, I chose to keep printing the color comics in black-and-white because I feel they actually look better that way. I always preferred Dominic Deegan as a black-and-white comic, so this is an artistic choice on my part.

Will you sign my book?
– Certainly! In fact, I’m signing every book!

I live outside the U.S. and the cost of shipping is really high. Why is that?
– Shipping costs in the U.S. have been steadily increasing over the years, with a dramatic spike in international shipping. This is a big book that needs to ship in a box, not an envelope, so the shipping costs rose even more. On the upside, it’s priority shipping, so you’ll only be waiting a week or so for your order to arrive once it ships.
I’m not happy about these international shipping costs either, but it is what it is.

That should cover everything!
Thanks to all of you for your continued support!