A Week of Walking.

Heads-up that this entire week of comics is going to be Snout walking through the Wild Edge. When I started drawing this series of comics back in late 2019, I found how relaxing it was to draw landscapes. So, instead of one “walking” comic like I’d planned, I did another and then another. It was one of the most peaceful stretches of making comics I’d done in years, so I decided to dedicate an entire week to it… which is only three comics, so in the grand scope of the comic it will go by pretty quickly.

I never had much need for elaborate backgrounds during the Oracle for Hire years. I worked in a rarely-changing template of eight small panels that focused more on dialogue than scenery. With The Legacy, I did away with dialogue altogether because it was time to do something new, and to challenge myself. No longer could I hide scenery behind monologues and huge dialogue bubbles. It was time to draw some backgrounds.

I’m going to admit right away that several of these backgrounds are taken directly from “The World of Edena” by Moebius. Moebius’s work was only a recent discovery for me, but it was a major factor in reigniting the desire to draw comics again. So, as a tribute to his dreamy odyssey, I referenced several backgrounds as tributes to that amazing graphic novel. Nothing was blatantly traced, of course, but these next few pages of Snout walking are my nod to Moebius.

The Legacy of Dominic Deegan is not only about continuing to tell stories in this setting. It’s about challenging myself to make comics in ways that are new to me, and to play in the medium that I adore so much. This week, it’s doing away with big expressions and dramatic reveals to concentrate on a walk through the Wild Edge. I hope you enjoy it.