Cliffhangers Galore

I’m fortunate that I get to play tabletop roleplaying games with my friends three times a week, albeit remotely. It’s one of my very favorite pastimes and I know how lucky I am that I have a group of friends with reliable schedules to make this happen as often as we do.

But this week there’s a problem. A big one.

Two of the three games I’m in ended last week on major cliffhangers; one is a fight with a monster that’s gone sideways thanks to unfortunate dice rolls, and the other is the final confrontation with the final boss of a years-long campaign! I, of all people, love a good cliffhanger, and was looking forward to resolving them this week…

…except one of our group’s core players, who like me is involved in all three games, is going away this week. The cliffhangers from last week must wait until next week to be resolved! This week everything remains in limbo, and it’s killing me!

Some may call this a taste of my own medicine, given my long history of ending comic pages on cliffhangers, and I would say that doesn’t warrant this because the longest y’all had to wait for my cliffhangers to resolve was a weekend, not two weeks! This is too much, I tell you! Too much!

Can you tell I’m stressing out about this?

I’m not only upset at the unresolved cliffhangers this week, but at the absence of two days of connection with my dear friends. Our games are not only a chance for us to be complete nerds. It’s also our way of staying close and connected to one another, and my thrice-a-week chats with my pals are a cornerstone of my life.

It’s only a small delay but I’ll still feel its absence this week.