It’s So Damn Hot

Up here in Massachusetts we’ve been under the effects of a heatwave these past three days. We’re all miserable and sticky and I hate it.

The past two summers I’ve vowed to not use an air conditioner, and the last two summers were successful in that endeavor. I hate air conditioners. They rattle my walls to the point I fear they’ll get damaged, they’re so loud you can’t hear anything over them, and I just don’t enjoy artificially cold air in my home.

We have several factors in our favor for our no-A.C. summers; our house is small, the rooms have lots of windows for air flow from fans, and there are two sizeable trees on our property that cover our little house in a good deal of shade. Outside of that, we have several nearby lake beaches and neighborhood splash pads to cool down when the heat gets overwhelming. All those elements have aligned for us to have had two successful no-A.C. summers!

This heatwave arrived earlier than past ones. In the past the heatwaves and especially hot days came later in the summer, when the lake beaches and splash pads were open to the public. This current heatwave came before our local lake beach opens for the season, and over twenty(!) other beaches across the state are closed due to high bacteria in the water. All these elements have aligned to completely screw us.

But we’re going to stick it out for now. This is forecast to be the last day of this heatwave and I think we can make it without falling back on an A.C. unit. As for what the rest of the summer holds? I just have to hope for the best.

It’s so damn hot.