Digital Downloads, Finally

You probably (and hopefully) noticed that in place of a usual Monday comic there was an announcement for digital versions of all the Dominic Deegan books available through Gumroad. I don’t normally like interrupting the update schedule like that, but with social media and its infuriating algorithm being unreliable at best and suppressing any posts with links at worst, it’s the best policy to put important announcements front and center: and here, that’s where the comic usually is.

As is typical with me, I’m late to the party with options that other creators have embraced ages ago. Even when I was writing STAR POWER, Garth and I made certain there were digital copies available alongside the physical books. In this case, with Omnibus 2 out-of-print and two Legacy books yet to be printed, the quickest way to get high resolution copies of the comics into your possession was finally finding a method to get you folks some digital copies, and Gumroad has provided that opportunity.

I’m happy with them, so far. They seem to be fairly hands-off in terms of what’s sold and how you sell it. Not to mention they allow for adults-only material, which in the case of The Legacy was Snout’s intimate night with the Lake Aroa chandak (whose name he never learned). And while there’s been plenty of casual nudity in The Legacy, I don’t think I’ll be doing any more explicit scenes like that. Or maybe I will! In either case, Gumroad is pretty chill about what you make, so long as it’s yours.

I hope to have physical copies of all the books printed this year, from a reprint of Omnibus 2 to a first printing of both Kind and Loyal, the newest books for The Legacy. Whether that takes the form of a big crowdfunding effort or I just foot the bill myself remains to be seen, but for now, digital copies are a way to get your offline fix of my work, should you need it.

I hope you do.