Ending The Legacy… Sort Of

This newest chapter is called “To Asinotaph” and if it feels a touch climactic that’s because it’s meant to. This chapter is the beginning of the conclusion of The Legacy of Dominic Deegan.

Kind of.

This July with mark the fourth year of The Legacy and four years we’ve been following Snout’s adventures. Everything has been from his perspective, complete with his inability to hear and speak. When I began The Legacy I meant for Snout to be our tour guide through the world as it’s changed through the past two hundred years, but as the story and the characters developed on their own I began to realize Snout wasn’t meant for that role after all. He was meant to be our guide into dreams and the realms beyond, where Dominic mysteriously ventured. I feel like it’s time to bring that story to its ending, and in turn Snout’s journey to reach its conclusion.

But it’s not time to leave this world again. Not yet. Not even close.

I still have an entire changed world with changed magic I want to show you all. I still have places and characters that remain undiscovered, with new stories I want to tell. There’s still a lot to see and more chapters to write, but in order to tell those stories the format needs to change around here. Snout needs to complete his journey, for better or worse, before any of that happens.

Snout is a joy for me. I love everything about him. But forcing a character into a role not meant for them only does them an injustice. I had an idea for him when The Legacy started, but his path turned out much different than what I had originally envisioned. That’s the beauty of the creative process, and so is learning to make changes as they come. It will soon be time for a change around here.

But not yet. Snout still has a tough journey ahead of him. I hope you see it through to the end with me so we can all see what happens next.