February Break

Here in Massachusetts the public school system gives kids a week off in February. That week is this week, and traditionally it’s seven days of struggling to work on art and comics while trying to keep my nine-year-old son entertained. That’s been the case in the past, anyway. This year things are slightly different.

My wife took the day off from work yesterday so I could get business documents in order and a print version of Makena In Mongreltown ready for AwesomeCon in March. She’s working the rest of the week but she, in her infinite wisdom, signed our son up for a morning “camp” during the break! He won’t be out of the house for a full school day but just long enough for me to get much-needed work done on this month’s Patreon entries and next week’s Kickstarter campaign to print the final volume of Snout’s adventures! (More on that in Thursday’s blog.)

And then there’s the new anthology schedule that’s working in my favor this week. Rebel is coming to a conclusion soon, and after it’s finished there’s a week-long break before the next story begins! I’m entering this week in a sweet spot of having enough pages done in the buffer and the week off afterward that I can concentrate on Patreon, Kickstarter preparation, and script-writing for that next story! If there was ever a sign that I made the right decision with this new update schedule, this is it.

With everything lined up in seemingly perfect order for this week, now all I have left to do is hope that my son behaves himself and doesn’t mess things up by being, well, a nine-year-old on vacation from school.

Wish me luck!