Kickstarting Snout’s Final Book

Snout’s adventures may have come to an end at the conclusion of last year, but his final adventures with the Ink Witch, Arudak, and Kaianda still need to be put into book form! So I guess it’s time to run a crowdfunding campaign for his fourth and final book!

The Kickstarter for DREAMER will be going live on Monday, February 26!

The funding goal is significantly lower than my previous crowdfunding campaign to reprint Oracle for Hire Volume 2, but I confess I’m still nervous. I’ll be running this crowdfund based solely on what people think of The Legacy, which remains my most unusual comic to date. I will not be offering copies of the Oracle for Hire Volumes as part of this Kickstarter (mostly because of the added shipping costs and complications for supporters), so for the first time Snout’s adventures will be standing on their own in a crowdfunding campaign. I funded the printing of Snout’s three previous books myself, so I’ve never seen how they perform when offered on their own in a crowdfunding scenario.

I’ll be offering lots of rewards, including bundled book deals and the opening of commissions! You folks never fail to give me interesting requests for portraits or your original characters, and many of the mongrelfolk featured in “Makena In Mongreltown” were the custom designs of top-tier supporters from the previous Kickstarter!

Like every Kickstarter, I’m going to be talking about this constantly for the next month, so I apologize ahead of time for my rampant self-promotion.

I hope you folks can support the printing of the conclusion of Snout’s final book!