Forgot About My Vacation

As mentioned in my previous blog, summer is a difficult time for my productivity. This summer is also the year I am at my most forgetful, it seems. I didn’t remember until this week that every year I take an annual week-long summer break.

My wife and son are leaving for a vacation of their own this weekend with her family. I am staying home to watch our elderly cats, who get very stressed when we’re all gone for lengthy periods of time. So, in the spirit of my mental health, I’m taking my annual summer break next week.

The Legacy of Dominic Deegan will not update next week, and will return on Monday, August 14.

It won’t be a totally unproductive vacation, though. I’m going to use the increased flexibility and time available to finally power through the remainder of my Kickstarter commission list, of which there are still a handful unfinished. I am absolutely giddy at the prospect of being able to literally take all day and night to work with as many breaks in-between as I deem necessary. So I guess it won’t be “powering through” so much as “easing through.”

Summer may be mostly difficult in terms of making art, but this one week to myself is going to be bliss.