I Could Use Your Help

Much of the goodwill I’ve built among my readers over the years is thanks to my willingness to be open and honest, giving you folks a glimpse into who I am as a person and into the things going on in my life. In that spirit of honesty, I’m going to ask for your help this holiday season.

Things are a little strained right now, financially, for reasons that have nothing to do with the comic. My beloved cat got sick back in September, and while he thankfully recovered, every pet owner who has experienced veterinary bills (especially from emergency facilities) knows what a blow to the finances that can be. On top of that, the oil/water boiler in our home is now in need of an expensive repair. And on top of those expenses, the holidays are coming ever closer, which are a mountain of bills by themselves.

So I could use your help.

I’m not asking for charity, handouts, or to donate to a GoFundMe. But if you have the means to purchase anything from my online stores or subscribe to my Patreon for the holiday season, it would be a tremendous help.

If you already own all my books and/or subscribe to my Patreon, thank you so much! But if you know anyone who would enjoy my work, whether as a new or returning reader, perhaps consider buying them as holiday gifts! Graphic novels make great presents, after all.

The Seer’s Catalog has physical copies of all my current books. I’m only listing shipping to the United States, but if you’re an international reader you can drop me an email for a price quote.

My Gumroad store has digital downloads of all my physical books, for those of you who prefer to keep your digital comics digital and don’t always want to rely on an internet connection to read them.

My Patreon page has years and years worth of artwork not seen anywhere else! There are tiers that provide access to my random art/character ideas, lengthy lore entries for the new world of Dominic Deegan, epilogue comics of the original cast, and even erotic art! Each higher tier provides access to the ones below it, so there are hundreds of pieces to view and even download!

I know things are tight right now for everyone, not just me and other artists, so I’m aware that asking for additional support is a big request. Whatever you can manage, if anything at all, would be greatly appreciated. And if it’s not within your means, I totally understand. I’m still one of the luckiest webcomickers alive thanks to you, my amazing readers who have shown me more love than I can ever truly repay.