It’s My and My Comic’s Birthdays!

Happy birthday to me!

Five years ago, on my fortieth birthday, I launched The Legacy of Dominic Deegan. I had ended Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire seven years prior and embarked on a fantastic adventure with Garth Graham on STAR POWER. The itch to make a solo comic had slowly returned, and with it came Snout’s decidedly different and bizarre journey.

Five years ago my birthday also fell on a Tuesday, which was the launch day for The Legacy. I wanted my return to this setting, and to my own comic, to not only be on a date I could easily remember but to be on a milestone birthday, which as you get older are the decades. So my fortieth it was. Five years later, Snout’s journey has come to its conclusion but I’ve still got more stories to tell, and you folks seem to want to keep reading them! And for that I am very grateful.

Will I do anything special today? Probably not. I’m slowly working through the commission list from the Kickstarter campaign for DREAMER, so I imagine my day will consist of that until it’s time to pick up my son from summer camp and my wife gets off work. And that’s fine by me. The older you get the more your birthdays blend together, and only the decade milestones are the ones you feel like celebrating.

But even if nothing special happens, it’s still a special day, both for me and the return of this comic that I love so very much. I’m glad you folks love it, too, and that’s the best birthday present I could ask for.

If you REALLY wanted to get me something, however, you could buy my physical books from the Seer’s Catalog or digital copies from my Gumroad store, or even pledge your support to my Patreon page. Just saying.

Happy birthday to me!