My 41st Birthday and the First Anniversary of The Legacy!

Today’s my birthday, and now I’m 41 years old. Happy birthday to me!

It’s pretty crazy, on many levels; crazy to me that I’m a 41 year old man (I still think I’m an overgrown kid), crazy that my birthday is happening during a crazy time in human history, and crazy that The Legacy of Dominic Deegan has been updating for a year now! I launched The Legacy last year on my 40th birthday, and now I get to measure its longevity with an easy date to remember!

I’m so very grateful to you folks for sticking with me, either from the very beginnings of this comic back when I launched Oracle for Hire in my early twenties, or if you’ve discovered The Legacy in the past year and have been reading since its (re)launch! I’m entering my forties still having a career making comics, which is a dream come true, but a dream that’s impossible without your love and support. You can bet I reflect on my good fortune and your incredible generosity every single day, but that reflection becomes especially intense during milestone days like this. You’re all the very best birthday present I could ever ask for. Thank you for everything.

Will I be doing anything special on my birthday? Probably not. My wife works in a hospital so I’m responsible for watching our son all day. I’ll most likely give him extra treats and screen time while I take a day off from trying to get work done. It’s my pandemic birthday. I won’t stress about productivity for one day.