No Winter Break This Year

Traditionally I’ve always taken a week off during the winter holidays and sometime during the summer. This year I won’t be doing that for the winter holidays, nor will I take my annual week-long break during the summer. I will, however, be taking regularly scheduled week-long breaks between anthologies.

I have this current story to thank for this decision. There would be three remaining comics to post if I were to take my usual week off, which would throw off momentum. Taking a week off when there’s only three pages left seemed a bit excessive, so I decided to have those last comics post during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But I also didn’t want to be working through my holidays!

Then I remembered how Garth and I took regular breaks during Star Power’s run, and decided to move forward with that as a permanent schedule for The Legacy’s new anthology format. We did two-week breaks with Star Power, but for The Legacy I will only be doing one week between stories.

I’ll put something up in that week to remind folks to come back, too! My plan is to make a “cover” akin to a comic book announcing the new story’s title and the date of its posting. I’m considering making them color covers, but I’m still undecided on that. My brain works better in black-and-white, but The Legacy has always been about pushing myself out of my artistic comfort zone. I guess we’ll see what I decide once Makena In Mongreltown ends!

A regularly scheduled week-long break between stories will also help me build up more of a buffer of comics in case of real-life circumstances, and give me more time to work on things like scripts for The Legacy and additional posts for my Patreon page.

Exciting changes are on the way as this year comes to an end and the new year approaches on the horizon!