Sick Days

The only thing to blog about as I sit down to write today’s entry is that everyone in my house was sick today (yesterday for those of you reading this now). Everyone except for me. We’re a small family, only me and my wife and my son, so two out of three people were sick in the house. Leaving me to be the one to entertain a kid staying home from school and looking after a sick wife while also trying to get my work done.

It wasn’t anything serious. My kid had vomited overnight and once into his breakfast, but by mid-morning he was mostly back to normal. My wife had a sore throat and was sluggish all day. Frankly I didn’t have a lot of extra responsibilities past making sure my son didn’t bother my wife while she was trying to rest, and moving my work schedule around to accommodate him. The latter was mostly done to keep him from distracting me while I was trying to work, of which I was only partially successful.

I love being self-employed and am grateful for every day over these past twenty(!) years that I’ve been able to do it, but sick days suck when you’re self-employed. You still have to do your work while taking care of those you love who are ill, and if you get sick yourself (I suspect I may be coming down with whatever my family caught) it’s not a “day off” that feels restful. Chances are that if I am indeed sick tomorrow (today for those of you reading this now) I’m still going to have to drop my kid off at school and pick him up later, albeit masked-up and distant from everyone else.

No big reflections or attempts at insight today. I need to get some rest because I’m exhausted and probably sick. Bleugh.