The Beginnings of a New Project

I’ve begun to get the itch to start a new project. A new story, with brand new characters in a brand new setting, a total clean slate. I have character sketches, an idea of the beginnings of a new world, and a working title. But that’s about it. For now.

I’m going to clarify right now that this desire for a new project will not affect The Legacy of Dominic Deegan’s updates at all. I can only concentrate on creating one story at a time, and I’m not in the business of leaving one story unfinished to suddenly begin working on another one. You folks have followed me for as long as you have because, at least in part, you trust me to finish something I start and so far my track record on that is spotless.

But still, it’s not often that I get an idea that sticks around long enough for multiple characters to take initial shape, then a setting to form around those early concepts. So I’ve begun to indulge in some very early world-building. Very early. Like, one place in the whole setting. But then again, my two-decade career started with one grumpy seer and his talking cat in a single town. So who knows?

This month the patrons of my Patreon page got a first taste of this new idea and its early drawings, tentatively titled “The Dwarves of Kadaz.” These are unconnected to the dwarves of Tucklebruck Island, with whom Dominic and Luna had a blunt encounter during the “Around The World” storyline. As I said at the top of today’s blog, I’ve got the urge to create something new from scratch.

There are many things I don’t know about this early cast of stout dwarves, including what shape it would eventually take! I’m accustomed to the steady update schedule of a webcomic. It’s all I’ve done for twenty years! But maybe this new project will take a new form of its own. Maybe it will be a (hopefully) crowdfunded book that skips the online update schedule and simply releases as a completed comic. Maybe I’ll enter the world of podcasting and read stories written about these dwarves in the style of an audiobook. Or maybe I’ll just stick to what I know and launch it as its own, new webcomic for you folks to enjoy. I don’t know yet. The slate is clean and blank, which is exciting and terrifying.

I’ll be brainstorming characters and other ideas on my Patreon, so if you’d like a sneak peek at these beginning stages as well as the opportunity to influence aspects of its eventual creation, join me over there and chime in! I’d love to have you along for the beginning of a new journey, in whatever form it takes.