The Legacy of Dominic Deegan

Hey folks! It’s been a while! Well, I’ve still been making comics over at STAR POWER for the past six years since things stopped updating over here, but it’s time to get back into things here. Between several #Inktober months on Instagram and making THE HEAVY METAL SHOWDOWN, I got the itch to start drawing comics again.

I’m proud to announce that The Legacy of Dominic Deegan will launch on Tuesday, July 2.

Here’s what you can expect in the coming months, and what you shouldn’t expect:

The Legacy of Dominic Deegan is set 200 years after the events of the “Oracle for Hire” years. Do not expect to see Dominic, Luna, Spark, or any of the other original cast. You might see Jacob, because he’s a master necromancer, but he won’t play a large part in this story. The Legacy is more of an examination of how the world has changed since the original story, and the lasting effects of the cast’s actions. It’s going to be a new cast, having new adventures of their own. The Legacy of Dominic Deegan will not change or alter any of the events of the Oracle for Hire years (i.e. Spark was an alien all along!) so don’t worry about me doing any six-years-later retcons.

If you’re dying to see what the original cast has been up to since their story ended, I have a Patreon page where you can see single-page Epilogue pictures and comics of their post-adventure lives. You can read all the details there.

It will update three days a week over the summer. The first week will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (I wanted to launch on my 40th birthday). The rest of the summer will have Monday, Wednesday, Friday updates. This “summer schedule” is because my son is home from preschool and my time is very limited. Once he goes back to school in September, I’ll switch back to the original 5-days-a-week update schedule.

I’m really excited to revisit this world with a new cast of characters and a new approach to telling this story. I hope you’ll join me for another grand adventure.

That’s all from me for now!

See you in July!