Third Week Screwy

Like I said in Tuesday’s blog, this third week of month-long Kickstarter campaign to reprint Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire THE COMPLETE SERIES Volume 2 is the slowest and feels the longest. This has remained mostly true, for while it hasn’t seen the blitz of activity that the first week had this third week has seen the funding goal come ever closer within reach.

But as this week has slogged on I’ve discovered something unexpected. A sort of freedom. Not from the campaign itself, mind you. I’ve still been doing my best to promote it and get the word out. But there’s a certain freedom I’ve felt in this third week, where I know things will be slow and I don’t feel the need to be as “professional,” so to speak. While I don’t turn into a full-blown businessman for these things, I try to remain focused and straightforward about my message and promotion.

But not this week.

I’ve decided to exploit… er, enlist the aid of my cats to help promotion. Scamp and Mugsy were thoroughly annoyed as I posed them next to my one remaining copy of the Volume 2’s original print run. Today I snuck up on them, snapping more photos to use alongside imagery for the Kickstarter. Tomorrow, Scamp has no idea that I’m going to subject him to video editing. It’s been fun.

And now I wonder if I should have been doing this from the beginning. Crowdfunding campaigns are serious business, to be sure, but treating them like “business” could be what helps to make them feel so exhausting. Maybe I should have been exploiting… er, enlisting my cats’ aid from day one. Maybe I should have this screwy attitude from now on, to alleviate the inevitable exhaustion one feels from the constant promotion of a Kickstarter, or BackerKit, or whichever platform one uses. Maybe I need to remember that I got into webcomics so I wouldn’t have to act like a businessman.

Maybe the fourth and final week will keep this screwy attitude.