Typos and Other Perils

Since ending Snout’s journey and switching The Legacy to an anthology format for shorter stories, I’ve come to feel creatively refreshed. Trying new things always makes me feel energized and excited for a new project, and so far this new format has been successful in maintaining my excitement. It’s also seen the introduction of digital lettering, which is also something I’ve never done in my decades-long career!

But with the implementation of digital lettering has come an unforeseen and recurring problem. Typos.

Since beginning the new anthology I’ve spotted three spelling and grammatical errors, the latest one being in yesterday’s update (spot it if you can). This is something I never expected to happen, as I consider myself a good speller and a stickler for proper grammar. But autocorrect is a harsh mistress, and sometimes a letter or two gets lost when you’re copying and pasting lines of pre-written script onto a comic page.

Could I just fix the error and replace the day’s page when it’s brought to my attention? I could, but I haven’t yet. In my mind I need to live up to my mistake and leave it there for all to see. I don’t perceive it as “punishing myself” for failing to catch it before I publish a new page, but rather it’s a constant reminder that I need to be more vigilant in my proofreading.

New ways of doing old things always have their learning periods and I am currently in mine with digital lettering.