What I’m Looking Forward To

At the end of the most recent blog, where I spoke at length about my excitement for Makena, I concluded with teasing some of the new ideas I’m excited to share in this new anthology format. Today I want to tease those ideas a little more in a kinda-sorta “preview of what’s to come.”

The story that’s next in line is all about the dwarves of Kadaz, the city-state beneath Tucklebruck Island. While we only visited that locale once in the Oracle for Hire years, and only saw the halflings’ side of the island, this idea has been brewing in my mind for a little over a year and I’ve been teasing it on my Patreon page for the better part of that same year. What’s exciting me the most is that it is basically a clean slate. There’s no previous continuity to adhere to or even characters to reference. It’s a brand new playground that sprouted from a seed I planted long ago, and I can’t wait to tell their story.

And then there are the elves of FaRia. Also teased on my Patreon page are the three heritages of the elves; from the populous elves who gave the nation its name to the tree-dwelling stargazers who could once predict the future to the underground dwellers who tend to ancient roots and mindbending fungi. I’ve previously kept away from elves since there’s no shortage of representation of them in fantasy, but exploring these heritages is something I’m excited about.

I’ve long held a love for aquatic settings and characters, which is why I’m thrilled to return to the qualenti some time in the future. Underwater adventures are, for me, a combination of beauty and dread, and I feel like I showcased that in their chapter of the Around The World storyline. But the qualenti are not the only sea-dwellers in the world! As teased on my Patreon page there are those who dwell in the deepest depths of the oceans, and an infamously warlike culture tied to a little-known tribe of humans in the Winter Archipelago.

I teased other planets. My love of space was showcased in Star Power but that doesn’t mean I’m done with the stars. And if there’s another legacy that Dominic left the world beyond his achievements in dreams, it’s related to space. Not gonna spoil this one too much.

Did I tease the undead? I forget. The undead are back. Jacob’s never gone away. Magic has changed but there are still necromancers… only they’re not really called that any more, and their relation to the undead is far more complicated than its ever been.

I could keep going, but the key to a good tease is to leave them wanting more. So I hope this taste of things to come has you as excited for this new anthology format as I am. But if you really need to know more right now, a lot of these stories all started as lore entries on my Patreon page. I may have mentioned it a few times.