Back to Mongreltown Already?

As you can see, The Legacy of Dominic Deegan is back after its two-week break with a new format, a new chapter, and the first of many new characters! These new stories will take us all over the changed world, further showcasing how things have changed over the past two centuries! The possibilities are endless and I am so excited to begin this new journey with you fine folks!

But with all these possibilities laid out ahead of us, you might ask why I chose to begin in the same region we’ve been lingering in these past few months? Why go back to the Wild Edge and Mongreltown after Snout’s story ended there? The answer is very simple:

Some very generous folks pledged top-tier donations to get The Complete Series Volume 2 reprinted, and part of that pledge tier was getting to design a custom mongrelfolk to be put into the comic as a canonical character. This has happened once before, way back when Snout first reached Mongreltown. There wasn’t really a good place to put this second batch of characters in the final act of Snout’s story, so we’re going to begin with them in the first story of The Legacy’s new format.

Our first new character’s journey to Mongreltown will have him encountering some very strange mongrelfolk indeed, and even stranger once he reaches the makeshift city… if he can find it.

Having already designed these mongrelfolk and sent them off to their donators, I’m excited to showcase them in this first short story. I hope the folks who designed these colorful characters find that I did their ideas justice, and I hope they’ll entertain you as much as me.