Looking Ahead While Glancing Behind

The Legacy of Dominic Deegan’s current format ends tomorrow. It will follow with a two-week break, and then resume updating on Monday, November 6 in an anthology format. I’m very excited to explore yet another new (for me) form of storytelling with all of you. And if you’re wondering what’s coming next, I have some news for you!

Well, it’s not so much news as it is letting you all know that my Patreon has featured hints of the next big storyline all year, as well as comics featuring the Oracle for Hire cast for years. So, y’know, if you want to help support the comic and see what I’ve been brewing for the past year, that would be really neat. Just saying.

But I understand that not everyone is in a financial situation to support an artist’s Patreon page, so I’ll give you a free hint as to what’s on the horizon for the new format: it’s dwarves. A lot of dwarves. The dwarves of Tucklebruck Island have all but dominated “The Lore of Dominic Deegan” subscription tier this year. It began with sketches of new characters, followed by never-before-seen peeks into the protective culture of the xenophobic dwarf society. As this year has drawn to a close those sketches have become full character portraits, with a closer look at the major players in the arc of Kadaz, the dwarven city-state beneath Old Tuck. I’m very excited to introduce these dwarves to you, and how their current storyline is connected to Dominic and Luna.

That connection was explored in a recent mini-arc of epilogue comics, where Dominic and a dwarf woman were… well, I can’t tell you folks everything. Patreon supporters already know what that connection is.

While the saga of Kadaz is the biggest story I have planned, it’s not the only story. The Legacy is becoming an anthology after all, so there will be lots of jumping around the world to see how it’s changed over the last 200 years. The first story will be in the Wild Edge, however. There were very generous folks during the Kickstarter campaign who pledged to have custom mongrelfolk included as canonical characters, and we’ll all get to meet them next month. I’ve had to design some pretty interesting characters.

My emotions remain scrambled as Snout’s story comes to a close tomorrow, but thankfully a feeling of excitement for the future is becoming more and more prevalent.