Keeping My Resolution To Blog

I promised to start 2023 by returning to regular blogging, so here we are. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, when the comic isn’t updating new pages, I’ll write about something. This will keep the site updating something new every weekday, just like I did back when I was writing for STAR POWER.

This first entry is going to be clumsy. I struggled with coming up with something to write about. Did I want to be profound? Did I want to attempt to be funny? I didn’t know what I wanted to do or how I wanted to start because, for the past several years, all I’ve written about were my annual summer and winter breaks. There was also that time in September I caught Covid-19, which sucked. But other than that, I haven’t spoken about a great many things here. Maybe it was the pandemic that sucked the inspiration from me. Maybe it was parenthood monopolizing all my spare brain space. Whatever the reason, I’m out of practice and this first entry is my proverbial “first day back at the gym,” if we’re making comparisons to New Year’s resolutions.

And now that I’m sitting down to write this, it does feel exactly that way. The machinery is familiar and the routine is something my muscles remember, but the performance is rusty and stunted. I remember it all, however, and if I stick to my promise to myself (and to all of you) I should get back into a natural routine in no time. Still, a return to an old habit has to start somewhere, and that first day back should be taken slow.

So here’s to taking this first day slow. I may have something more substantial to say on Thursday, or I may still be awakening my muscle memory. Either way, there will be something to read. I hope it’s entertaining.

It’s good to be back at this.