Kickstarter This, Kickstarter That

It should come as no surprise that this and almost every blog post for the next month is going to be about the Kickstarter campaign to print DREAMER, the fourth and final book of Snout’s adventure. Because when you’re crowdfunding this is what you have to do.

The response so far has been wonderful. As of this writing the printing of the book is so. very. close to 60% funded! That’s a really solid start, considering the campaign will run for one month! I don’t want to jinx anything by saying something foolish like “I’m confident this will happen!” but I feel safe in saying that, as of this writing, I am very hopeful.

Crowdfunding Snout’s adventure is nerve-wrecking, though. It’s the weirdest comic I ever made and it’s not for everyone, which was intended. Having it stand on its own, without the aid of the Oracle for Hire comics, is a test of how much you folks enjoyed his strange dreamquest. I hesitate to call it a “true test,” since I don’t believe that a dollar amount is the true measure of art’s worth… but still, this is a crowdfunding campaign, so it’s there and it’s stressful.

Stress aside, I remain very proud of Snout’s time as the protagonist of The Legacy of Dominic Deegan, and I believe that this fourth and final book should be printed to make his adventure a complete set. I remain hopeful that everyone reading this shares in that belief.