My Twentieth Anniversary Week!

On Saturday May 21, I will be celebrating my twentieth year as a webcomics creator. It’s still wild for me to write that. I can’t celebrate the actual day online because 1) it’s a Saturday and no one checks their webcomics on the weekends, and 2) I’ll be at a close friend’s wedding that day. So instead I’m going to blog this whole week with various reflections on my career of twenty years.

But that’s not the only way I’ll be celebrating. In order to mark this momentous occasion I’ve decided to offer FREE SHIPPING* on the first Legacy of Dominic Deegan book, CURIOUS! Head on over to the Store page and nab yourself a copy with shipping on me! This will only last the week of my twentieth anniversary, so take advantage of this while you can!

*Unfortunately, due to the absurd prices of international shipping, I’ve decided to only ship books domestically, here in the United States. This decision was not made lightly, as my wonderful international readers have been so kind to me over the years, but in many cases the price of shipping is more than the book itself.

The landscape of the internet and the audience of webcomics has changed dramatically over two decades, and I count myself extremely lucky to still be a part of this game after all this time. Things have changed dramatically around here, too! Gone are the high stakes and fast pace of the Oracle For Hire years, replaced now with the slow pace and low stakes of The Legacy. I’ve slowed down dramatically, too, having gotten much of that frantic storytelling out of my system to make way for slower, more casual storytelling. Is it better or worse? That’s not entirely up to me to judge. But if you’re reading this I hope you enjoy all the changes two decades of writing comics has brought.

There’s more to talk about tomorrow.