Nearing The End

This is the final week of updates with Snout as the protagonist of The Legacy of Dominic Deegan. His story comes to a close on Friday, and after that I will be taking a two-week break to prepare for the launch of The Legacy’s new format.

On Monday November 6, The Legacy of Dominic Deegan will switch to an anthology, with shorter narratives and featuring new characters from around the changed world. Snout, the Ink Witch, Arudak, and Kaianda will make appearances as the stories call for them, or as I feel inspired to revisit them, but expect to see a lot of new faces in the coming weeks! I’m very excited to begin this new chapter of the comic!

But I’m also emotional about the conclusion of Snout’s story. It’s not just one emotion, but a mixture of them running the gamut from happiness to sadness to anxiety to relief. I felt this way when I ended the Oracle for Hire years and when Star Power came to its end. Finishing a comic has that effect on me, triggering a rush of emotions that all swirl and mix with each other into a whirlwind of feelings that I have trouble describing. If there is one constant, it’s a feeling of satisfaction. I’m lucky to have that as I’ve reached the end of three long-form comics now.

Two emotions that are happily absent from my mind are anger and regret. Whenever you begin a new creative project, either solo or with a partner/team, you run the risk of encountering those feelings and seeing your endeavor crumble or wither away. I’ve seen it happen to numerous colleagues over the years and my heart breaks every time. I’ve got my fingers crossed that my fortune will continue to hold out for this new format of The Legacy.

Whatever happens going forward, I can look back at Snout’s journey and feel proud of what I made. I hope you fine folks will join me for new stories on the horizon.