The Legacy’s Fourth Anniversary

This weekend I turn 44 years old.

The Legacy of Dominic Deegan will turn four years old on the same day.

I launched The Legacy on my fortieth birthday. It was a milestone birthday so I figured it would be the perfect time to return to the comic that launched my two-decade career. Sharing its anniversary with my birthday makes it an easy date to remember, too.

I didn’t know if anyone would come back. I’d been away for seven years, but not inactive. I took a long break from fantasy to work on STAR POWER with Garth, and not everyone came along for a sci-fi superhero space adventure (though many of you did and we made lots of new friends along the way). On top of that, I was coming back with a brand new cast, with none of the Oracle for Hire characters to be seen, with a wholly different style of storytelling. As I mentioned in a recent blog, The Legacy was originally supposed to feature a lot of physical humor but the circumstances of the pandemic transformed it into a dream-quest.

But there are plenty of folks who have returned to give Snout, the Ink Witch, Kaianda, and Arudak a chance. You’ve given me great feedback, wonderful encouragement, and the spiritual nourishment I need to keep making comics. And so many of you stepped up and supported the second printing of Omnibus 2 (which I will have up for general sale in the Store soon, alongside the new Legacy books) when I was worried not enough folks would care about a story that ended ten years ago.

These past four years have been as rejuvenating for me as when I began collaborating with Garth. I feel like it’s important to try new things artistically, to not only provide yourself with new experiences but to find new ways to love old favorites. Between the Oracle for Hire years, STAR POWER, and now The Legacy, I keep finding new ways to love making comics, and I’m so lucky you’re all here to see it.

Here’s to the fourth anniversary of The Legacy of Dominic Deegan!

Oh, and happy birthday to me this weekend!