The Legacy’s third anniversary!

I returned to the world of Dominic Deegan three years ago on my fortieth birthday. My forty-third birthday is tomorrow, which means it’s also the third anniversary of The Legacy of Dominic Deegan! No one is on the internet in any meaningful way on a Saturday, so I figured I’d say something today.

This has been a wonderful and challenging adventure. Was it a smart move to return to the comic that made me (moderately) famous with a completely new cast of characters, a totally different approach to storytelling, a dramatically slower pace with significantly lower stakes, and a reduced update schedule? There are some who would say it was foolish, but these past three years have rejuvenated me artistically and creatively.

I’m pushing past my comfort zone with almost every new page of The Legacy, and actively trying to improve things I purposely avoided during the Oracle for Hire years in the name of quick page production and an unceasing update schedule. As I get older I’ve learned the importance of slowing down, and taking my time with page creation has been a healthy change in how I work. It also gives me more opportunities to spend time with my son, who wasn’t a factor during my previous comic-making years.

I know The Legacy isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely where I need to be to keep myself happy as a comic creator.

And to those of you who have been with me, whether you’ve found me recently or have stuck with my work for two decades, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to keep making comics that are worthy of your own precious time.