Twentieth Anniversary Week: All Thanks To You

These past twenty years have been possible thanks to you, my wonderful readers. It’s you, all of you, who have inspired me to keep making comics for two decades. It’s all of you who have made this crazy career the most fulfilling experience of my life.

I’ve received countless heartfelt emails over the years from you, letting me know how my little corner of the internet positively impacted your lives. I cannot think of a greater compliment, and every day I have done my very best to make my comics worth your time and attention.

Those of you who have come to see me at conventions and told me what my work means to you have made my heart swell with a joy I cannot describe. I have been so very blessed to have met, befriended, and affected so many wonderful people over the years, and every day I try to express my gratitude for everything you’ve shared with me.

I owe these two decades to all of you. Thank you, everyone, for sticking with me for as long as you have, and continuing to inspire me with your generous hearts and kind souls. I am the luckiest nerd in the world.

The actual day of my twentieth anniversary is tomorrow, Saturday the 21st. I’m going to be spending it at a dear friend’s wedding, and when I step aside to raise a private toast to myself and this long career, I will also be toasting you, my wonderful readers, for making these two decades unforgettable.