The Prydain Chronicles

By Mookie | May 2, 2024 | 0 Comments

I’ve read to my son since he was a baby, and continue to do so now. As he’s gotten older I’ve moved on to full novels, seeing what sticks and what doesn’t. The Hobbit was a success, and it is an absolute joy to read aloud. A Wizard of Earthsea was also successful, and I … Continue reading “The Prydain Chronicles”

My Cool Uncle Moment vs. the Invasion of the Brands

By Mookie | April 30, 2024 | 0 Comments

This past weekend I returned to a pop-up market called The Vegan Market. It comes around to various locations in my area every few months and I jump on the opportunity to attend it whenever it arrives. Having been plant-based since the late 90s, I jump on the chance to find vegan-friendly goodies, especially when … Continue reading “My Cool Uncle Moment vs. the Invasion of the Brands”

Just Not Getting It

By Mookie | April 25, 2024 | 0 Comments

All the remaining pages for Spirit Shepherd are finished. They’ll be posting tomorrow and next week, and then this story will be over. Folks who have reached out to me have expressed that they’ve enjoyed it! It was fun for me to make and we’ll definitely be seeing Saritha again after this concludes next week, … Continue reading “Just Not Getting It”


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My wife’s birthday was last week. She normally goes away on a Girls’ Weekend with her best friend, whose birthday is only two days removed from hers. They celebrate together for a few days then return home to their families. This year her friend had to cancel their trip, and while she was bummed about … Continue reading “Surprise!”


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There was no blog on Tuesday because I arrived home too late after seeing Heilung in concert, two hours away from where I live. Not only was it the middle of the night, but I was exhausted both from the lengthy drive and the intensity of the emotions I was feeling from the performance. Two … Continue reading “Heilung”

Lying To Those In Mourning

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Fuck mediums. I think these people are the scum of the earth. Before I go any further with this nuanced and emotionally-even blog post I want to extend the olive branch to energy workers/healers. I have friends who make an honest living doing energy work and have many friends and family who have benefited from … Continue reading “Lying To Those In Mourning”

Totality Cool Dad

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The solar eclipse yesterday was really cool for a lot of reasons, but my reason was that I got to be the coolest dad at my son’s elementary school. It wasn’t in any official capacity. The eclipse would be happening for us in the northeastern U.S. around the time my son would be getting out … Continue reading “Totality Cool Dad”

Nostalgia 97

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X-Men ’97 is so freaking good. I especially enjoy it because it hits a special kind of nostalgia for me. I don’t enjoy it because it reminds me that I used to occasionally watch the original animated series in the 90s, but rather that it’s helping me remember that wondrous time in my youth where … Continue reading “Nostalgia 97”

A Marathon of Meaningful Conversations

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Anime Boston was exhausting and beautiful at once. The marathon hours of Friday and Saturday were an immense strain on my energy, but I put my whole self out there for everyone and anyone who came to my table. By Sunday I was thankful for the shorter hours of operation because I was running on … Continue reading “A Marathon of Meaningful Conversations”

Anime Boston weekend!

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I don’t do as many conventions as I used to. I’m not as young as I used to be, travel and hotels are phenomenally more expensive than ever, and my time away from home can’t be lengthy now that I’m a dad. But there are still a handful of shows that I make certain to … Continue reading “Anime Boston weekend!”