And here we go!

The Kickstarter campaign to reprint Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire THE COMPLETE SERIES Volume 2 is now live!

Reprinting the second half of the Oracle for Hire series!

It’s a big goal to reprint a big book, but I know we can do this! There are reward tiers to receive commissions from me, book deals for both Oracle for Hire and The Legacy, digital copies of all the current books, as well as the chance to design your very own mongrelfolk to appear as a canonical character here in The Legacy of Dominic Deegan!

However, because of the astronomical cost of international shipping, physical copies of the books will be made available only to U.S. domestic orders. It breaks my heart to do this, especially because I have so many wonderful readers overseas, but anyone who’s dealt with international shipping these days knows how ridiculously expensive and convoluted the current process has become.
UPDATE: I’ve since added international shipping options. The costs are still astronomical and that is beyond my control, but I felt too guilty not giving my international readers the option.

You folks have been so unbelievably kind and supportive over these many years, and I want to do right by you in return. I believe the wealth of incentives, discounts, and rewards for this campaign represents everything I want to give back to you as thanks for your years of support. I hope you think so, too.

Let’s reprint Volume 2!